HC60 closed Ø 12,3 - 15,0 mm manual type CL50 hog Rings
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Hog ring gun Contimeta AC751 closed Ø 12,3 - 15,0 mm pneumatic | type CL50 hog Rings

Hog ring gun Contimeta HC60 closed Ø 12,3 - 15,0 mm manual | type CL50 hog Rings

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Manual Hog Ring Pliers HC60

For stone baskets, gabions, and heavy wire products

Hog ring devices are the perfect tool for connecting steel wires, especially used in the gabion industry.
In practice, there are also situations where no electricity is available, or it is not economically feasible to work with compressed air (compressor).

Exactly for such situations, the Contimeta HC60 hand hog ring pliers are a handy extra help. The pliers weigh 2.5 kg and are easy to use. They are not suitable to take over the daily work of pneumatic devices and do not have the durability of a pneumatic device.

Application areas include:

  • Closing of gabions
  • Dyke sink pieces
  • Cages
  • Garden fencing, garden partitions

Hog ring details:
Ring type: CL50
Wire diameter of the hog ring Ø (mm): 3
Ring width open external (mm): 44.7 mm
Ring opening (mm): 25
Closed: 13.5
Ring version: Stainless steel, crapal, aluminum

Loading capacity of the pliers is 1-2 bars of 40 pieces each.