M18 FN18GS-0X 16 - 54 mm without battery 18,0V/2,0Ah type SK 300 brads
Milwaukee M18 FN18GS-202X | tools.expert

Battery tacker Milwaukee M18 FN18GS-202X 16 - 54 mm 2×18,0V/2,0Ah | type SK 300 brads

BeA SK 350-224 C | tools.expert

Nail gun BeA SK 350-224 C 18 - 50 mm pneumatic | type SK 300 brads

Battery tacker Milwaukee M18 FN18GS-0X 16 - 54 mm without battery 18,0V/2,0Ah | type SK 300 brads

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Milwaukee M18 FN18GS-0X


  • Best in its class thanks to consistent shooting of nails in hardwood
  • Ready-to-fire nail technology eliminates delay between each shot nail
  • No gas cartridges and cleaning required - designed to deliver durability and reliability with minimal maintenance
  • Smaller nail hole, the exact size of the nail hole ensures a neat finish
  • Various designed nose pieces can offer the user the best finish, regardless of the application
  • Small contact bracket allows the user to shoot nails at a sharper angle
  • Nail depth quickly and easily adjustable without tools for even nailing
  • Dry fire lockout prevents shooting when there are no nails left in the magazine
  • Up to 1200 nails per battery charge on a REDLITHIUM 2.0 Ah battery for maximum productivity
  • Easy to clear in case of jamming
  • LED lighting for perfect illumination of the work area, making it easy to change nails
  • Flexible battery system: works with all MILWAUKEE M18 batteries