a.560B22 22 mm 1×12,0V/4,0Ah type JK560 carton box staples
BeA MT A22 | tools.expert

Carton top stapler BeA MT A22 18 - 22 mm manual | type JK560 carton box staples

Josef Kihlberg a.560B22FL | tools.expert

Battery carton top stapler Josef Kihlberg a.560B22FL 22 mm 1×12,0V/4,0Ah | type JK560 carton box staples

Battery carton top stapler Josef Kihlberg a.560B22 22 mm 1×12,0V/4,0Ah | type JK560 carton box staples

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Battery Overhead Stapler a.560B22

The a.560B22 is ergonomic, simple, and cost-effective to use. The tool gives you the speed you need with its brushless motor technology, elevating your cardboard closing to a higher level. Designed with the user in mind, it is lightweight with an ergonomic handle and produces the smoothest recoil with low noise emissions. The a.560B22 offers ultimate user safety with its safety lock, box detection, trigger finger detection, and maintenance safety features.

The overhead stapler gives the user the freedom of mobility with its top-class Li-Ion battery technology. The tool can fire up to 8000 staples per battery charge. The wireless overhead stapler is intuitive and easy to use with its digital interface, LED status indicator, and front laser, giving the user full control. It comes with three operating modes: manual, semi-automatic, and automatic, depending on the type of packaging to be closed.


  • Lightest battery stapler, only 2.7 kg (6 lbs)
  • Wireless, no air hose or electric cable for optimal mobility
  • Ergonomic handle with rubber soft grip
  • Smoothest recoil


  • Fastest battery stapler, up to 5 shots per second
  • Up to 6000 staples per battery charge
  • Brushless wear-free motor technology
  • Li-Ion battery technology
  • Lowest noise emission


  • Digital user interface for intuitive and simple setting
  • MAN, SEMI, and AUTO operating modes
  • LED tool status indication
  • Positioning guidance laser system; Front and Cross-Laser
  • Highest operator safety features